Angelenos with a big sweet tooth have more to love at the Grove.  On Friday, local confectionery legends See’s Candies opened up a shop on Bow St. next to the Whisper Lounge. This opening comes just months after Sprinkles popped up in a nook by the Grove’s parking structure and Dylan’s Candy Bar arrived from New York back in September. Coupled with the Grove veterans the Cheesecake Factory and Haagen-Dazs plus the Farmer’s Market’s offering of Dupar’s pies, Short Cake’s, Bob’s Doughnuts, Bennett’s Ice Cream and Short Cake treats –it makes for a paradise for dessert devotees.


The new See's store at the Grove

The new See’s store at the Grove

See’s Candies is a particular sweet addition as it is sits in Southern California’s candy pantheon. The first See’s store, with its still signature black and white design, opened on Western Ave. in 1921. Although it now has locations across America (and even in Japan, Hong Kong and Macau), there is still something inherently Los Angeles about See’s. Beyond the fact that the preservative-free candies are made locally, See’s represents Southern California history while still being in the present. The shops are stocked with Mary See’s originals (such as Victoria Toffee and Chocolate Walnut Fudge), traditional favorites (Scotchmallow and Dark Bordeaux are perennially popular) and seasonal delicacies like chocolate bunnies and St. Patrick’s Day gold coins (just to mention Springtime specials). Personally, I like the Marzipan and the Milk Cocoanut. But everyone can have their own favorites with over 100 types of candies to choose from – not to mention the jelly beans, the lollypops, the peppermint twists and the…


See’s Candies, 189 Grove Dr., L.A. (as well as other locations); daily. 10 a.m-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., noon-6 p.m. Sun.